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Thank you for 13 years of business! It’s been an excellent adventure!

Our Story

Fire and meat!

All our fresh meats are cooked over a wood burning fire with no natural gas. This results in pulled pork and smoked brisket that tastes the way it should, clean and and free of the taste of fuel that you will find in many other barbecue joints in town. Come and try it for yourself and see what a difference the wood makes!

Willie Wagner, Chef de Cuisine, has always enjoyed cooking, entertaining, and eating…

Honky Tonk on the food channels!

Watch our segments on your favorite food programs below.

Food Network

We were visited in 2009 by Guy Fieri from Diners Driveins and Dives. This was before we added the bar.

Check Please! WTTW

We had a great time with our fans filming Check Please! in 2008.

Chicago's Best

Chicago’s best was here to taste their way through the menu in 2009.

Honky Tonk Barbeque

1213 W. 18th St.

Chicago, IL 60608



Hours of Operation

11am – 10pm


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