Johnny Profit and the Glass Cowboys


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Johnny Profit & the Glass Cowboys was formed in the early-1990’s as a 7 piece alt-country band founded by Artist / Musician Michael Hernandez de Luna. Achieving some minor successes in Europe, their songs were featured on several musical compilations out of Germany: Michael Jackson is my Labelmate on Doggy Bag Records / Sony Music, and Love Is My Only Crime – Part Two on Veracity Musik…

Michael Hernandez de Luna is also featured on the compilation, Hank Williams Revisited: I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive on Trikont Productions with the group: the Burning Rubber Dolls… In 1995, Johnny Profit & the Glass Cowboys called it quits and faded into obscurity.

In 2011, the group reformed as a 3 piece combo, keeping the ideas and concepts of making original music and keeping the bands name: Johnny Profit & the Glass Cowboys… Friends for decades and musical pioneers of the late 1970s and 1980s Chicago music scene, the boys dusted off the cob-webs, revamping a repertoire of songs, and stripping down the sound to the raw energy of rock and roll….

To say the sound of Johnny Profit & the Glass Cowboys is edgy, is an understatement… The band plays a mad-mans version of Country and Twang, Garage and Instrumentals, Rockabilly to Honky Tonk, and a pure stripped down version of Rock and Roll… All these styles are evident in the group’s sound, be it a two-step, an instrumental, or a hard driving rocker, the boys cap it off with the signature style of a well rounded guitar band: melodic, driving, pulsing, full of life… You could say, they have a little bit of something, for everyone to enjoy…

Based out of Chicago, today’s version of the group is made up by the original members: Songwriter/Guitar & Vocals: Mickey Crnich, Songwriter & Artist / Bass & Vocals: Michael Hernandez de Luna, and Al “Scum” Pocious on drums.

Chicago, September 2017

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